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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hitting the Bricks

The drive to Ft. Worth got under way slowly as an accident on the IH45N closed down 2 lanes of traffic. I spent the first 45 minutes of my trip driving a whopping 5 miles! As I crept along I couldn’t help but notice the ugly, brown, dense layer of pollution hanging on the horizon. It amazes me. We have a tremendous bank of knowledge, science, engineering and manpower in our Country, on our World, yet we choose to continue along a path of glutinous and irreparable usage of our natural resources. We could have just as easily put in place an urban sprawl line and built a public transportation infrastructure that would have much more impact than the joke of ethanol fuel. Yet we pursue filling coastal wetlands for multi-million dollar “planned communities” and expanses of roadways to carry us 50 and 60 miles per day to and from work one car per person. Lots full of shiny new cars assembled along the freeway like a pass in review as a thought crosses my mind…

shining poles line the freeway
all donned with garrisons
old Glory dancing on the breeze
proclaiming their patriotism
with words

Once I got North of the Houston metropolis it became a beautiful day; the sky clear, the breeze SSW and the vegetation showing the first signs of the impending Spring. Traffic was light and the jeep ran exceptionally well. I simply tooled along at 60mph enjoying the drive. I haven’t been on a road trip in a long while and I intend to enjoy this experience. It was a little more difficult to watch the passing landscape as the jeep requires one to actually drive rather than to set the speed control and cruise down the highway. Given the price of fuel, I also chose to remain on the freeway rather than take the scenic route as I usually do when traveling. Thus way I enjoyed my trip.

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