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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Week Until Ride Launch!

Howdy! A big Texas shout out to everybody following the Houston to New York City trike ride!

Many, many thanks are due to Soldiers' Angels and Toby Nunn...AGAIN! Soldiers' Angels provided me with an HP mini 1000 netbook so that I will be able to maintain this blog and contact with friends and family during the mission. My sincerest gratitude goes out to Toby for making this happen as well as to Soldiers' Angels for all of their wonderful and gracious support in this mission.

Thanks to Wendy for the fine support in getting the word out through the Houston Chronicle. Everybody keep an eye on the Chron for an article about [man riding bike to new york]. I'll post link here whenever I see it, or, anybody can post the link in the comments section below. Thanks again, Wendy! I hope to see you at the send-off ride.

Thanks to Jill at Academy, Webster for the $25.00 gift card in support of this mission.

Thanks to Robert at Sun & Ski, Webster for the 20% discount on supplies in support of this mission.

I've been really, really busy with training, gearing up and trying to round up support for the ride and Wounded Warrior Project and Soldiers' Angels. I have been tweeting most of my updates, so if you want daily info on ride progress check me out on Twitter as... TXPeddler! Once the ride starts I will be updating this blog daily.

Two of my friends and bike buddies will be joining me for the first 2 weeks of the ride; probably to Chattanooga, TN. Sharon, Chuck and I have been riding together for about 5 years now and they want to come along to provide moral support for me as well as show their support for WWP and our American Troops. They will be taking a vehicle and alternating driving-riding while I will maintain my self-supported status throughout the ride.

There will be a public send-off ride on 12AUG2009 beginning at Sun & Ski at IH45 and Bay Area Blvd at 0800hrs. The send-off ride will continue down Bay Area Blvd to Highway 3 where we will pick up riders from Bay Area Cycling at approximately 0815hrs and then continue down Bay Area Blvd where we will pick up riders from Bike Barn at approximately 0830hrs. From there the send-off ride will continue down Bay Area Blvd eventually ending at San Jacinto Battleground/Lynchburg Ferry Landing. This will be a slow, easy ride for riders of all skills and abilities (10-12mph). I am presently trying to organize a media event at San Jac for local news, photos, etc... If you are media or have a contact in the media, please drop me a note at so we can work together to make this happen. I know this is a weekday, however, I hope we can get a good number of riders to show up and support this mission by escorting us out of town. From the Lynchburg Ferry Sharon, Chuck & I will board the ferry and begin the ride to New York. The riders participating in the send-off ride will then return as a group to their respective departure points via the same route. Anybody interested in riding further is more than welcome to join us. The first day will be approximately 86 miles ending at Big Thicket NP in Saratoga, TX.

Thank you, Sharon, for making arrangements with Space City Cycling Club for the send-off ride from Bike Barn.

Thank you, Robert, for making arrangements with Sun & Ski for the send-off ride from Sun & Ski.

Thank you, Jeff, for making arrangements with Bay Area Cycling for the send-off ride from Bay Area Cycling.

I know all of you support this ride for the benefit of our Veterans regardless of politics and shop preference. I appreciate your support. Wounded Warrior Project appreciates your support. Our Veterans appreciate your support. This is going to be a great ride!

On Thursday, 06AUG2009 Sharon, Chuck and myself will be doing a practice run to Brazos Bend State Park. We will leave my residence at 0900hrs proceeding to the State Park through Alvin then Rosharon. We will make camp on Thursday night then break camp on Friday morning for the return ride. This ride is to give us a chance to test out our gear making sure everything works and that we have what we will need for this trip (aside from those unforeseen items that pop up along the way). If you would like to join us, drop me a note at If you have suggestions for items you think will be handy or necessary on this ride, post a comment to this blog entry.

Twenty years ago if somebody told me they were suffering depression I would have replied, "you need to just man-up and get on down the road." Today I have a very different perspective. I have a different perspective because I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder. There are days when I simply feel like I have a major category 5 hangover and find it difficult to just get out of bed. Some of the triggers I am aware of and, apparently, many I am not. There are many studies of depression at this time and, hopefully, the future will see an end to this terrible wasting. I do the best I can everyday with help from my family, my friends, my doctors and my goals. I educate myself and try to stay on top of current events that may help in my fight against depression. Thank you all for your support and belief in me.

Thanks to everybody for your support and generosity. Together we can make a difference in the lives of our Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and other theaters of engagement.