"Freedom and responsibility we speak of easily, nearly always without recognition of the iron courage required to make them effective in our lives." j. glenn gray

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

XBox Anyone?

Ha! I was talking, well, texting my buddy Anthony yesterday about getting a new xbox just to play the new Modern Warfare 2. Word has it that it's "ultra-realistic" and a must play game. Now, I love first-person shooter games, such as America's Army, which was developed specifically for the U.S. Army, and played the heck out of our ps2 and old xbox but haven't played since moving to our new home and having the game consoles relocate upstairs for the kids. Just recently it was also brought to my attention that the old xbox bit the dust and the ps2 was carted off by my daughter to one of her friend's homes... my guess never to return... poor ps2. So, I'm getting really stoked about an xbox 360, a 40" lcd television (whoa! 1080p! hdmi! vyper game mode! oh, yeah!) and a few hours of shoot 'em up with my buddy on xbox 360 live. I get up this morning and, much to my elation, hear the Eagle screaming and figure "hmmm, I might run by Game Stop today & pick up a used system." I get online to check availability and price and check out some game trailers and I find this one on The Onion. Wow! This game really nails the "ultra-realistic" part for sure! Hey, Anthony... got a smoke? Oh, and I'd take the Shakira option... Wha ha!

Enjoy the Ride!